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 INCAL MINERAL - CLINOPTILOLITE are naturally occurring earth minerals which are uniquely effective in the control of ammonia and its resultant malodor. These clinoptilolite minerals also appear to be beneficial in the containment of hydrogen sulfide, another olfactory irritant.
     Ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are two gaseous by-products from the breakdown of organic matter whether it be food or waste products in the home environment or in animal rearing areas. Both of these gases, when released into the atmosphere, are irritating and according to health officials, damaging when prolonged exposure occurs at relatively high levels.
     Ammonia is an offensive odor for both man and animal and its potential for aggravation of both eye and respiratory systems becomes acute as accumulations increase in confined areas. Concentrations of ammonia in enclosed chicken areas have been severe enough to cause blindness and inhibit growth. A reduction in swine feed conversion has been noted where levels of ammonia are elevated. Horses are prone to bronchial infections which are believed to be caused, in part, by irritation to the respiratory system from the inhalation of ammonia.
     Hydrogen sulfide, a typical gaseous by-product from waste decomposition, is also believed to be a cause of some respiratory ailments in both animals and humans. Unpleasant odor can also result from the breakdown of foods and other organic products in storage areas as well as the decomposition of wastes and unwanted by-products in various industrial processes, disposal sites, garbage bins, and pet litter boxes.
     INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE are particularly helpful in the control of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in confined livestock rearing areas, zoos, kennels, pet shops, and pet litter trays, all of which release offensive ammonia fumes causing distress to the animals as well as human beings. These problems can be arrested by clinoptilolite application. These natural minerals have also been used very effectively in the control of malodors emanating from waste disposal areas, public toilets, garbage bins, diaper pails, refrigerators, pantries, and some industrial processes.
     INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE are able to perform this function due to their ability to adsorb certain cations and gases. INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE can selectively adsorb the ammonium ion present as wastes breakdown, as well as impact ammonia as it begins to volatilize off. The capture of ammonium removes the basis of odor generation.
     Due to its unique properties, clinoptilolite once loaded with ammonium from odor control applications, makes a remarkable soil amendment and may be added to potted plants, lawns, gardens, and agricultural fields. The clinoptilolite then makes nitrogen (from the ammonium) available to the plants over an extended period of time. This acts as a slow release mechanism in the soil, making fertilizers more effective by increasing their efficiency.
     Therefore, use of INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE for odor control can result in a useful or saleable by product.
Home owners with pets often have pet litter trays which can lead to unpleasant and offensive odors. clinoptilolite placed in the litter tray with the normal litter can eliminate these odors by adsorbing ammonia and ammonium (primary odor sources).
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