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Damage due to grain handling or insect infestation , with the right environmental conditions leads tomycotoxinsAs soon as 24 - 36 hours after the grain is stored , it can become infested with aflatoxin.Mold spores exist in all grains and will grow and spread in the bins if conditions permit.HeaU, and moisture in the right quantities cause MOLDS to reproduce which causes NUTRIENTS loss and grains to be toxic.

      In grains at 14,5 % moisture or less , most of the spores are inactive and donnant.

      However. if moisture levels reach 16 - 20 % mold grows rapidly.

      Therefore to protect the grain ; depending on the; Climatic conditions, Grain quality, Silo management and the amount of lime that the grain is going to be stored ,INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE moid inhibitor is added (mixed) 2- 4 % to the grain in the silo.
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