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Insects have been known to be associated with infection and the spread of FUNGUS mid ASPERGILLOS FLAVUS. Insects produce conditions favorable for MOLD GROWTH in grain by breaking the grain before or after the harvest.
      The most effective methods of prevention of insect propagation is to keep the bin clean & cool & treat the grams with INCAL MINERAL CLINOPTILOLITE.
      The insects lay one to two eggs per grain and each insect later can lay up to 300 - 500 eggs. in a very short time a huge infestation and various hot spools are present in the batch. It is like a - contagious viral disease and am spread all over.
      Insects are like a continuous eating machine and literally turn grains into dust.
      INCAL MINERAL - CLINOPTILOLITE Treatment is a very effective method that penetrates the kernel and kills all life stages of the insects - eggs and larvae
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