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INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE is'a natural mineral fertilizer.it is a product of natural clinoptilolite mineral specially eleborated in order to be used for fertilizer and soil amendments.The high Ion - exchange capacity ,water retentivity and ammonium selectivity of INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE Improves the nitrogen - holding power of soils by Increasing tfie bulk - exchange Capacities and by promoting slower release of ammonium ions from the dinoptilolite.

      The valuable Ion - exchange properties of clinoptilolite mineral allows a slow release of Fe , Cu , Zn, Mn , Co to soils and pravent caking.

      INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE is used in a granulometry of 1 - 3 mm. as conditioners for eroded and acid soils.lt Is Ideal for all temporary or permanent cultivation specifically for low or medium fertility.

      INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE in addition to controlling soil acidity witfi efficacy , also prevent the loss of ammonium and valuable cations that fertilizers give to tfie soil.lt also retains humidify and Improves tfie hyrophysical properties of the soil.

      INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE wfien mixed with manure is applied to soils degraded by hydric erosion.lt diminishes the period of fermantation of manure acting as an organic - mineral improver.

      Moreover it prevents valitilization of NH4 lixviation of odors acid pathogenic agents in the manure.

      INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE is ideal for gardening specially for flowers and ornamental plants for homes and offices as well as for the cultivation of vegetables.

      INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE shortens tfie cyfe needed for plants lo reach the suitable size for commerce.

     INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE increases the yeld of crops and quality of fruit.

      INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE when added to the soil is a fertilizer which slewely loberates the nutrients and Improves the physlcochemlcal properties of the cultivation soils significantly.
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