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CLINOPTILOLITE is a natural mineral. The ability of CLINOPTILOLITE to sorbs excess moisture and high ion exchange capacity makes it attractive to grains to present caking and to inhibit the development of mold. The crystal channels of CLINOPTILOLITE are in the range of 4 angstroms. These channels function as molecular sieve for toxic substances and bacteria. These channels also adsorb ammonium, nitrogen, Sulphur derivatives and other hazardous gases. By this property deteoriation, oxidation and sourishment of the grains are eliminated.

CLINOPTILOLITE has a high water retention capacity. The moisture is a crucial factor in the preservation of the grains and it is an appropriate medium for the growth of fungi, spores, insects and larvae.

CLINOPTILOLITE adsorbs the extra moisture in the environmental and keeps the grain healthy preventing molds and bacteria.

When this granular, free flowing natural mineral is added into the feed, it preserves the grains in the following way.


* Prevents the growth of the mold, fungi and bacteria,

                         * Preserves the vitamins in the feed,

                         * Increases the durability of the feed in the storage,

                         * Prevents the sourishment, decaking and deterioration of grains,

                         * Preserves the original taste and quality of grains,

                         * Adsorbs the extra moisture in the environmental and creates and optimum


* Adsorbs and eliminates Alfatoxins, salmonella and E. Coli,

* Reduce the grains loss,

* Stops the microbial contamination of the feed and prevents nutrient loss,

* Helps the pelletization and saves the electrical consumption,

* Helps the grains to flow freely and prevents the blockage of the feed supply

  during transportation,

* Helps the proper and homogen mixing of the amino acids, antibiotics and

  vitamins and by this way increases the efficiency of the feed,

* Increases the overall efficiency of feed consumption

* Reduce and brings down the insects and larvae in the environment to the

  minimum level,

* Increases the rate of fermentation in silage preparation and increases the

  durability of grains.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE         : CLINOPTILOLITE is mixed in the grains in the following proportions depending on the moisture content of the grains.

The moisture content of the feed                                                              Dosage

            13 % or less                                                                                     15 kg / ton

            14 – 16 %                                                                                        20 kg / ton

            17 – 20 %                                                                                        25 kg / ton

            20 % or more                                                                                   30 kg / ton

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