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 INCAL MINERAL - CLINOPTILOLITE is an excrement cleaner and odor eliminator used as bedding In animal husbandry.
It is a complex of granulated natural clinoptilolite mineral, specially eleborated to be used as beds for breeding animals.
     INCAL MINERAL - CLINOPTILOLITE is superior to other products for its capacity to adsorb liquids and malodore by controlling the development of microorganisms and undesirable insects effectively.
     INCAL MINERAL - CLINOPTILOLITE is the most effective product for animal beds for all type of captive animals such as rabbits , chickens , dogs , cats , pigs etc.
     INCAL MINERAL - CLINOPTILOLITE When used as bedding :
     - Reduces the toxic effects of high concentrations of ammonia
     - Reduces the consumption of chemical agents for desinfectioning
     - Lower the mortality rate
     - Eliminates {lie undeslred malodors.
     - Decreases the enteric diseases
     - Improves the appearance cf the hair
     - Decreases the Labor cost
     - INCAL MINERAL - CLINOPTILOLITE After becoming saturated serves as an excellent slow
     - Liberation fertilizer useful to be applied to the soils.
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