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LUCKY - FISH Aquaria Mineral is a granular natural Clinoptilolite complex eleborated to be used in aquacultural media.

   The normal biological activity of feeding fish produces ammonium which contaminates the water. Lucky - Fish ( Clinoptilolite ) is used to remove this ammonium in fish farming , aquaria and fish transport.

   LUCKY- FISH are effective in the removal of ammonium ions from recirculating fish culture system.Ammonium is one of the most significant toxic metabolites in aquaculture and is extremely harmful to fish concentrations exceeding a few - parts per million. Excess ammonium ions commonly result in sterility , stunted growth , and high mortality rates.

   In oxgen - poor environments such concentrations can lead to damage of gill tissue ,various gill diseases , and a reduction in the growth rate When a system incorporating a clinoptilolite Ion - exchange unit is used in hatcheries,90 % of the ammonium produced In recirculating waters are removed.

   Throw - away cartridges and filters containing granular clinoptilolite are also used to regulate the ammoniacal nitrogen ( NH3 - N ) content of home aquaria and tanks are used to transports tropical fish from the time they are cought until! they rich the hobbyist.

   Using LUCKY - FISH ammonium ions produced by decomposing fish excrement and waste food are extracted , thus , the number of live fish hauled in tank: trucks during transportation will increase . Also Clinoptilolite adsorbtion units can be used to provide oxygen for arearation in fish culture and In the transportation of live fish.
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