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INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE is a product to be used in agricultural wastewater treatment. Many parts of the lands are becoming more and more contaminated with nitrogen from irrigation run - off, seepage from animal feed lots and waste streams from animal wastes is a major problem in itself.

      The problem is especially acute in stockyards and diary farms located close to large population centers when both air and water pollution must be rigidly controlled.

      INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE is used to remove the most of the ammomacal nitrogen from the liquid portion of the wastes and thereby decreases the ammonia - laden aerosols that travel many miles downwind of the feedlots and confining pens.

      INCAL MINERAL ZEOLITE - CLINOPTILOLITE will also retain much of the nitrogen in the solid form .thereby enchances the fertilizer value of the manure.
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