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CLINOPTILOLITE is a wastewater treatment agent. Since CLINOPTILOLITE is highly selective for ammonium ions, it is used the extraction of ammoniacal nitrogen from sewage and agricultural effluents.

NH4 + is toxic to fish and other forms of aquatic life. NH4+ also contributes greatly to the rapid growth of algae and leads to eutruphication of lakes and streams. Increasingly string out regulations on the amount of nitrogen that is permissible in municipal and industrial wastewater effluents have been promulgated in recent years by local national environmental protection agencies.

Desirable properties of CLINOPTILOLITE for use in ion – exchange columns include high ion – exchange capacity and selectivity, rapid exchange rates, and high, resitance to attention during backwash operations.

Employing a CLINOPTILOLITE ion exchange processes, the 99 % of the contained ammonium ions are removed from tertiary sewage effluents. The trace amounts of heavy metals present in the wastewater are also extracted. The addition of CLINOPTILOLITE to activated sludge aids oxidation and settling

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